Tips for Throwing a Baby Shower Party

Babies bring immense joy and blessing to a family. Even the parent’s friends are delighted to hop in the fun of celebrating the coming of a new addition to the family – a bundle of joy at that.

If you are one of the would-be-parents’ closest friend or relative, you are probably secretly expected to throw the much awaited baby shower party. This sounds fun, yet tedious for some. It doesn’t have to be such hard work, really if you are able to plan ahead of time. It also helps if you have set yourself to research and read on tips and advices on planning or throwing a baby shower party. Aside from that, ensure that you have access to all the help you can get – from friends and relatives who are willing to pool their time, energy, and yes some cash for the nice little party you are planning for. Of course, everyone will be invited in the end so help should not be difficult to avail of.

For starters, here are a few tips on how to throw a memorable baby shower:

Choose a party motif
Choosing the color should not keep you clueless as long as you know the gender of the baby. Pink for girls, and blue for boys are conventional. You might want to try a new hue for a change. The color motif of the party shall dictate the decorations and invitation of the party.

Inviting the attendees
Select the people who are “game” for a baby shower party. Craft the invitation in such a way as they will be encouraged to bring gifts for the baby (and the mother, hopefully), due to the excitement of seeing a new born soon. It helps to give this as early as two weeks before the event. Make sure you inform them if it’s a baby girl or a baby boy that they shall be expecting.

Research and Prepare for Games
A lot of games for baby showers are made available on the Internet. You can also visit your favorite bookstore to help you with the research. Remember that the game should delight the participants, but should not be so stressful for the mother.

Buy your Gifts
It’s practical to check on some websites or books that advice the best and most practical gifts to give for mommies and new born babies. Remember that the stuffs you ought to give should be functional for this stage in the baby’s and the mother’s life. Choosing the first few clothes that the baby has to wear like baby girl shoes are perfect. You may also go for a sling cloth carrier that the mother can use in carrying her baby.

Here are a just a few tips you can try in throwing a baby shower party. The most important thing to take note of, it should be fun and exciting – just as exciting as having a new born around.

Author: rianne de leon